Thursday, January 29, 2009

PGA Merchandise Show

Hey gang,

If your like me and you love new golf equipment and seeing pictures or updates on the new stuff then you would love to be at the PGA Merchandise Show. Unfortunately, I am not a PGA professional nor do I run a golf shop. So if you are like me what are we to do to see the ongoings of the PGA Merchandise Show? Well, I have some answer that might help out.

There are a few great sites out there that are present at the PGA Merchandise Show that are posting updates on a daily basis to let those of us know what is going if we can't be present at the show.

Here is a few sites you can visit to check out pictures and updates:

So far these are the only three that I know of with coverage. If anyone knows of anymore sites that have coverage please post them in the comments section for everyone to see.

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Updates to the blog...

Well, I have added a few things to the blog here lately. On the right hand side of the page you will see a links section. I am adding golf links that I come across that are beneficial to every golfer out there. As I obtain more links they will be added to that section.

Also, I have added a couple items, one on the right and the other on the bottom of the page, for I came across this site late last year and it is a great site. If you haven't checked this site out before please click on either image and it will redirect you to their site. If you are an avid golfer this site is a must.

I want my blog to be a cornucopia of information so you will see changes as quickly as I can incorporate them.

One last item that I almost forgot to mention is the twitter feed on the right. If you haven't used twitter before this is worth checking out. Just click on the follow me and it will direct you to the twitter site.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Next Big Thing....

Well, with the upcoming PGA Merchandise Show that will be held January 29-31 in Orlando, we will begin to see the new technology that all of the golf companies have created over the past few months.

Now, we have seen some of the clubs that will be released and I am currently wowed by one. Taylor Made changed driver technology a few years back with the r7 and I fell into that trap. It was a good trap though. I bought an r7 425 that I used for years and was the most reliable club I have ever owned. The ability to adjust weights on your club was a breakthrough to most people. These days changing the weighting around is old news. Now we have interchangeable shafts to tinker with. This was the next big thing until......

That is until Taylor Made created the r9. There has been speculation for years over the r9. Now with the March 20, 2009 release date set up we know what this club will offer. This club will not only offer changeable weights to move around, but it will allow you to change the angle of the face with FCT (Flight Control Technology). Now you can have the club open or closed depending on your swing that day.

As I said before I was swayed by the r7 and I see myself being swayed by the r9. Heck, I haven't even hit the thing yet and I still am contemplating pre-ordering one right now. The fact that it won it's first event in driver count and 1st place in the event is pretty big news as well.

I can't wait until the PGA Merchandise Show to see the new thing that we will see on the market, but I can't wait to see the r9 in person and see if it is what it is cracked up to be.

If you haven't heard or seen the r9 here is a link for you to check out:

Also, if you are interested you can pre-order the r9 at (check below for link).

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Area Golf Courses-Glasgow Country Club

Well, this review will finish up my review of three golf courses within the Glasgow area. Glasgow CC is a very nice private facility. I have had the opportunity to play the course many times even though I am not a member. I normally participate in scrambles that are held by area business throughout the year.

The club has seen some improvements over the past few years, but none of those improvements were made on the course. The old clubhouse was too small for its members and the club decided to rebuild the clubhouse. Now with a fully renovated clubhouse the country club stands out within the city.

Enough about the clubhouse, let's review the course.

Clubhouse-As I stated above the clubhouse has been completely renovated and is a vast improvement over the previous digs. The clubhouse now has about twice the room it did have. They do offer golf balls and some clubs, but the selection isn't as diverse as so courses.

Tee Box-The tee areas are always in great shape. The only complaint over the tee boxes that I have is the No. 3 tee box and the No. 5 tee box are not set up well. If you are teeing off on #3 you have to be aware of your surroundings as the #5 tee is directly to the left and if someone is there you are best off to wait on them to hit to lower the chance of brain damage from a low screamer. The 6th hole also can be slightly dangerous from the 5th tee, but nothing like the 3rd hole.

Fairways-The fairways are very well taken care of. The course itself plays a more up and down style of play. You will encounter a large amount of fairways that dip from your previous shot. The changes in elevation require precise club choices on approach shots. There are a few fairways that tend to hold water. No.'s 3 and 4 run along a creek which overflows often and cause extremely damp conditions on approach or chip shots.

Greens-The greens are very fast most of the time. It seems like every time I play the course I get stuck with fast greens that run. The greens aren't easy either. The greens have a mixture of undulations and tiers that when combined with the speed cause many frustrating scenarios. The greens are also well manicured.

Hazards-The course does offer you many sand traps to find yourself in. The green side bunkers are well groomed, but difficult. The fairway bunkers aren't as numerous, but when you find one you will regret it. The sand is much better here than at any other local course in the Glasgow area.

Challenging Holes-No. 7 is the first tough hole you will find and it is a super long dogleg left that requires an accurate shot into a green guarded by a bunker in the front. The fairway slopes right to left which can pose a problem for the hooked-biased ball.

No. 10 requires an accurate shot off the tee as the right side is guarded by trees and the hole takes a steep decent. Your second shot requires both length and accuracy to fly it onto the small green.

No. 17 can be a large risk-reward hole as it is short enough to cut the corner and be on the green, but requires a super accurate shot or you will find the trees or houses.

Overall-This is probably the best course in the city, but the fact that it is a country club holds it back. The course is private, granted I have snuck on a couple times. The only way you are playing is with a member as a guest or in a scramble. If you do play the course you will enjoy it, but don't expect lavish service or immaculate holes. It is laid out nicely, but lacks a real signature hole.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not to worry....

Well, I have been on a slight hiatus for the past few days. I am still blogging, but when I combined a three day vacation over the MLK holiday along with working on a blog piece for I haven't had much time to post anything. I will be back and posting within the next few days.

On an update I am beginning to write for and my first piece is in rough draft stage. I finished it up today and sent it in to them to see what they though. I will wait to discuss details on it. Hopefully, my work will be good enough to continue writing for them. Only time will tell on that.

Anyways, I gotta run for the moment. Not to worry though I plan on coming back strong and giving the review I promised all while adding a couple new features.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Annual Golf Show

So this past Saturday (January 10, 2009) was our annual trip to Louisville, KY for the Golf Show. Now, this is nothing like the PGA Merchandise show in which you can see the new and improved equipment and technology. This show has retailers from across the state and areas surrounding that need to unload last years stuff in order to make some space for the new gear coming in.

A group of my friends, which is my normal playing group, make a conscious effort each year to go. Last year's event was horrid. There were no deals to be found and I left highly disappointed. I was so distraught by that event that I questioned going this year. Well, I decided to give it one more chance.

Now, I have been know to change clubs a lot. Not nearly as much as others in my group, but I used to test clubs and that always sparked me to buy something new. Well, I must say that I finally have myself convinced that my bag is set. I was going into the show looking for shoes, shirts, golf balls, etc.. I will say at first that I didn't purchase an item at the show, but there was plenty of selection. I just couldn't bring myself to change any clubs in my bag. Now, the two friends that went with me each bought a new set of irons and they were able to work with the shops that were there for knock some money off.

I really didn't know what to expect with the current economical situation that we are in, but to my surprise the golf show seems to be getting back to way it once was. I think with the elimination of the Lexington show it has added more vendors to the Louisville show. I would like to see in the next few years switch rooms and get enough vendors to go into one of the larger rooms at the Expo Center.

I will say that I was pleased and look forward to it next year!

Stay tuned for another addition to my area reviews. I will be doing my review of the Glasgow Golf and Country Club tonight or tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Golf is back!

Well, as of yesterday Golf is actually back on TV. I was so thankful last night to be able to flip the TV over to the Golf Channel and see a live tournament (in HD nonetheless). I am really excited to see how this season unfolds. Here are some things questions for this season:

1. When will Tiger return? Will he be his dominant self? How will the knee hold up?
2. Will the young guns (Anthony Kim, Camillo Villegas, etc.) continue to climb the rankings?
3. Will the big names return to dominance (Ernie, Phil)?
4. Who will win the majors this year?

These are a few of the things that intrigue me for the coming season. We still have a little while before everything will come into full swing. I am definitely excited to see some fresh new tournaments on TV though.

Side note- Tomorrow is the annual golf show in Louisville. I will be there and I hope it is better than last year. I will provide a review of the golf show for anyone interested.

Have a great day!

The Beginning.....

First off, welcome! This is my personal golf bog. I have decided that it is time to express my views on the golfing world as we know. This is my second blog. I have one that contains all of my golf blogs and daily views as well (you can see it at

I am not quite sure what all I will write about, but I will cover area courses, golf technology and other golf related news. My first adventure will be to review all local golf courses. I am located in Glasgow, KY and I will cover our courses and the surrounding courses.

Another thing I would like to do is review golf clubs. I have been a participant in Golf Magazine's ClubTest 4 times. I was very honored to be able to do this and it was one of the greatest experiences of mu life. I never imagined I would get to test clubs and write about them, all while making great friends and playing at fabulous facilities.

So, keep on the lookout. I have two reviews ready to roll out, but more will follow. I will also have a blog entry on the local golf show that will take place in Louisville, KY this weekend.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Area Golf Courses-Fox Hollow Golf Course

So this is the second installment of my review of my local area golf courses. This installment will cover our other public course option in Glasgow; Fox Hollow Golf Course.

Fox Hollow is a run of the mill track. It is very inexpensive to play ($22 for 18 Holes and cart) and very inexpensive for a membership ($720 per year). As always there is a catch though. You shouldn't expect anything extravagant here. So let's start our review:

Clubhouse- Well, I don't really know which word would describe it....maybe....horrible? Anyways, there is little in there clubhouse. They offer no clubs and very little golf ball selection. The apparel is cheap looking and there is very little of that. The staff is hit or miss. Don't expect to get refueled at the turn either as there is very little to offer on that front as well.

Driving Range- The tee area has no grass usually. They don't take very good care of it and it shows. There is no way the distance markers can be accurate either.

Tees- This is the most frustrating part. The tee boxes are very limited in grass. There might three of eighteen tee boxes that have a grass, the rest are dirt. Another issue with the tee boxes is the fact that they are not level. You can tee your ball up and address it and you will notice that your feet are below the ball or vice-versa. There really isn't anything I can say that is positive about the tee boxes.

Fairways- The fairways are wide. This course is set up nicely for the golfer that struggles off the tee. You will find a few holes that are tight, but 98% of the holes are wide open. There are limited out of bounds on the course as well. Basically, unless you hit it in the trees you can still play your ball. The front nine fairways are average at best. There will be dead spots along the way as the front nine is the oldest part of the course. The back nine fairways are in decent shape and you will find very few issues with them.

Greens- Well, they aren't awful. The main problem I have with the greens is the people who play the course. You will find multiple divots on each green. I spend a majority of my time there fixing divots. I really feel that the ownership should mention this to the customers as this is an extreme issue. Other than divots you will rarely find a dead spot on a green. They have good roll to them and there is a lot of tier greens here that provide you with some difficult putts.

Hazards- Well, there are a handful on the course. The back nine has bunkers, if you can call them that, as they don't have sand in them. It is mostly filled will old sand and dirt mixed together. You can basically putt or chip out of the bunkers. There is only one bunker on the front which is on number two. There are a few water hazards, but they are minor. The only one that poses any threat is at number three which is a stream that guards the green.

Challenging Holes- There are only a few holes that provide a challenge. #3 is a tough par four that requires a short tee shot and a very high soft landing second. The green on #3 is an egg shape that rolls off on all sides. #5 is a interesting hole as the tees set below a hill that requires you to hit the ball very high in order to get it over the hill. This hole is a par five and could really benefit from either a blast of dynamite or some very aggressive shaping of the land.

Overall- I think Fox Hollow could be an average daily fee course, but it wont get there under the current management. I hate to say that, but it is true. The management doesn't really do anything to improve the course. You rarely see people working on the course. The ball washers never have fresh water in them unless it rains. There are no marshalls to speed things up so on a busy day it can take a while to play around when you get stuck behind people who take their time. This course lacks direction and leadership. I have said that I hope before I leave this world I can see this course develop into something, but until a new owner is present in the clubhouse I just can't see that happening.

My next update in the series will be regarding Glasgow Golf & Country Club. I will also be posting a blog regarding the upcoming trip to the annual Golf Show in Louisville, KY. This will be taking place on Saturday, January 11, 2009 at the Freedom Hall Expo Center. Last year was a disappointment so I hope this year is better.

Have a great day!

Area Golf Courses-Barren River State Park

Well, I am back at it again. This would be the second entry in my blog that I would like to update daily with random info. Today, I have a topic that is in regard to the local golf courses in Glasgow, KY.

Now if you are a crazed maniac golfer as I am then you will understand exactly what I am talking about. Here's a brief overview of the Glasgow golf course scene. We have three courses that are within a few minutes drive (two public, one private). Now let me break down my thoughts on each. I will be breaking these courses down in separate blogs and then move onto other areas of the state.

Barren River State Park- This is probably the best track in the city. It is a public course that has been revamped and is rather difficult. A few years back the state invested in a majority of the golf courses within their park system and Barren River got a little of that cash to make some improvements. Unfortunately, they didn't receive enough funds to make any life altering changes. Now let's look at the course:

Clubhouse- Nothing fancy here. The pro shop offers some logo apparel, but the apparel is a little outdated. They do have your normal fare. Golf balls selection is average, but overpriced. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Tees- The tee boxes are always in great shape. The tees here are definitely the longest in the city. There are some holes that are monsters from the very back tees and the narrow fairways make you think about your shot thoroughly as their is a lot of risk involved at times.

Fairways- You will rarely find a straight, flat fairway on this course. The layout is challenging. The fairways tilt and turn in every which way. This can be a good thing at times or a very punishing thing as well. The grooming of the fairways are excellent. They are mowed nicely and rarely do you find dead spots. The lies are not tight on the fairway that you find at some courses.

Greens- Always in great shape. I have been there only once when the greens were in a rough shape and that was due to a ground hornet infestation. This was a few years back and they promptly eliminated the issue at hand. The greens have a decent amount of break and a majority of the time they are kept at a fast pace. The greens are also guarded by bunkers, but I do think the course could use a few more.

Challenging Holes- #11 is a long par five that bends back and forth and it is very narrow. This hole also involves a large amount elevation change near the green. #16 is a dogleg right that will surprise you. I really don't think I have ever seen a decent score on this hole. This hole requires a short tee shot out into the middle of the fairway as the trees on the right prevent any cut off the corner. After the tee shot you will need everything you have of a 3-wood to clear the water and get anywhere near the green. This hole basically forces you to layup. I definitely have this hole on my list of most hated holes that I have played.

Overall- The cost is average. Last time I played it was around $32 which is cheap for most people. The course is challenging, but it does provide nice vies of the lake during the summer. If you are a solid ball striker then this course wont be as challenging as it would to the person who struggles off the tee.

OK so my next review will be Fox Hollow Golf Course hopefully either later today or early tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!