Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey Gang! Just a quick update!

Long time no talk everyone! I just wanted to share with everyone what's been going on. I have really slacked off on my writing over the past few months, but I have had a reason. Recently, a buddy of mine and myself have taken on a new venture. He recently got into blogging as well so we decided to go into a joint venture.

We decided to start a combined blog. You can check out our new site at http://www.blogginggolfers.com. We are just getting started so our following is lacking. Not that I had a huge following but I know there were a lot of people who checked out my site. If you have enjoyed any of my writing please head over to the new site and give it a look and even subscribe to our feed so you can get our updates.

You probably won't be seeing any more posts on this site as I am devoting all of my time to getting that site fully functional and obtaining a large following. We have great aspirations for the site and while we plan on starting slowly, we will see what cool new features we can add over the next few years as we continue to grow.

Here is how you can follow us:

Twitter- @blogginggolfers
Website- http://www.blogginggolfers.com

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hank Haney steps down as Tiger Woods coach

The rumor has been running rampant over the past few weeks about the relationship between Tiger Woods and his now ex-swing coach Hank Haney. Well, rumors can now switch over to who will replace Hank Haney. According to Hank Haney's website, Hank is resigning as Tiger's coach. Let's see what kind of light is shed on this situation over the next few days and weeks, but now let the speculation begin as to who will take Hank's place alongside Tiger.

Srixon Z Star X (Tour Yellow)

So it has been a while since I took the time to do a review or write anything golf related, but quite frankly life has been kind of chaotic over the past few months. Nonetheless, I have decided to get back to writing about my passion....golf!

I haven't really purchased any new equipment lately, but I have switched to a new ball. This ball has been getting some hype on tour for the odd looks it gives off....that's right the new Srixon Z Star X Tour Yellow golf ball.

Now at first site you are probably thinking..."Really? A yellow ball?". The honest thing is not only is this an easy to find golf ball (obviously due to it loud nature), but this is one of the best performing golf balls out there.

The Srixon Z Star X Tour Yellow preforms very well in all the facets of the game. Off the tee the Z Star X is one of the longest golf balls I have hit and off the driver the ball gives me more roll than the competition does. Iron shots are buttery, yet crisp enough to give feedback on contact. The Z Star X has plenty of bite around the greens with wedges and off my mid to short irons. I am normally very picky about the feel of my golf ball around and on the greens, but chipping and putting with the Z Star X is fabulous. I feel like I get more feedback from this ball than I do from any golf ball I have used before. This is a solid 3 piece golf ball that compares right up there with the Pro v1-x, Tour i(z), Nike One and the Taylor Made Penta.

Srixon says that the color was created by combining yellow and green. Why these two colors you ask? Well, yellow is one of the most noticeable colors in the spectrum so the yellow hue helps aid in visibility. The green hue is to help sooth the golfer as the color green is for relaxation and calmness. The Tour Yellow color really stands out no matter where you hit and the only time I lost a ball is if I hit it too deep into the woods or if I landed in the water. If you use this ball you can goodbye to losing your ball in the thick rough or the leaf covered fairways.

All in all, if you are looking for a tour level golf that performs well in all aspects of the game and you like to stand out in a crowd then this ball is for you. Just be warned, people will ask you why you are playing a Top Flite...just ignore them and go on.

Hit 'em straight!