Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey Gang! Just a quick update!

Long time no talk everyone! I just wanted to share with everyone what's been going on. I have really slacked off on my writing over the past few months, but I have had a reason. Recently, a buddy of mine and myself have taken on a new venture. He recently got into blogging as well so we decided to go into a joint venture.

We decided to start a combined blog. You can check out our new site at http://www.blogginggolfers.com. We are just getting started so our following is lacking. Not that I had a huge following but I know there were a lot of people who checked out my site. If you have enjoyed any of my writing please head over to the new site and give it a look and even subscribe to our feed so you can get our updates.

You probably won't be seeing any more posts on this site as I am devoting all of my time to getting that site fully functional and obtaining a large following. We have great aspirations for the site and while we plan on starting slowly, we will see what cool new features we can add over the next few years as we continue to grow.

Here is how you can follow us:

Twitter- @blogginggolfers
Website- http://www.blogginggolfers.com