Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thoughts on the Masters

Well, it has been quite a few weeks since I have had a chance to post a blog entry. Right now, I sit in my hotel in Chicago, IL where it is cold and rainy so I thought what better a time to post my thoughts on what went down at Augusta this past week.

Now, being from the Bluegrass state I must say that my heart goes out to Kenny Perry. While I was one of the many who was hoping to see Tiger come back to Augusta and pull out the victory, I must say when you see a hometown fellow on the top of the leader board it is hard not to root for him.

I know it has to be hard for Kenny looking back on the way the whole event unfolded. He pretty much had the jacket on, but just could not close it out. I know in the post game interviews he said average players don't get it done and that he is an average player, but I don't think that one bit. Kenny has put together a couple of solid years and has had a solid career. Does he have as many wins as Tiger or Phil? No, but who does, those guys are in league all their own.

I commend Kenny on his honorable comments he made and the fact that he wasn't a sore loser. I know it had to be hard to stomach what had just happened and of course all of the reporters where right there to ask how he felt and I would say if I was in his shoes my response would not have been as pleasant.

You also have to give Angel Cabrera a lot of credit. He played some fantastic golf on one of the toughest courses out there and when the door swung open he took advantage of every opportunity and finally finished off the competition.

I can guarantee you that no one expected this tournament to finish with Angel Cabrera, Kenny Perry and Chad Campbell dueling it out in a playoff to decide the Masters.

All in all, the Masters was great. We saw a classic finish and the event that went on between Tiger and Phil on Sunday was what everyone wants to see between the two.

All I can say is lets see what the next major holds for us. I just hope Kenny gets that major he has evaded his career before he leaves the PGA Tour.

Hit 'em Straight!