Monday, July 11, 2011

Stricker completes the Three-Peat

So for the past two season on the PGA Tour, Steve Stricker has dominated one event. The tour stop at TPC Deere Run has become a favorite of Stricker's and it shows as he pulled off back to back wins in '09 and '10. The main question coming into this weeks John Deere Classic at TPC Deere Run was can Steve Stricker pull off the trifecta?

I must say that after 3 rounds of the tournament in looked like it was Stricker's to lose and with two holes to go on Sunday it looked as if Stricker had lost it. Through the first three rounds this week Stricker had a total of 1 bogey, but on Sunday he had 2 bogeys and a double bogey. As Stricker walked off the 16th green that he had just bogeyed he found himself two shots back of Kyle Stanley who had played exceptional golf all week long.

What Stricker did on 17 and 18 were the things you would come to expect of the World's 5th best player. Stricker went on to birdie the 17th to bring him within one of the Stanley who pared the 17th. As Stricker was finishing up on 17, Stanley had found himself in a slight predicament. Stanley was able to get over the trees on his approach, but fund himself in the right green side bunker on the down slope. While, Kyle Stanley was able to make an incredible shot out of the bunker he was unable to knock in the par putt. As Stanley was playing out the 18th, Stricker's hopes did not look the best as he hit his tee shot in the left fairway bunker, leaving himself an awkward stance and 182 yards to the hole over the water. The next two shots from Stricker were two of the best I have seen in a while. Stricker's 6 iron from the bunker wasn't stuck to within two feet, but the lie that he had would have made most pros crumble. Then the 25 putt from off the green would seal the third consecutive title for Stricker.

If you are wondering...Yes, Steve did get a little teary eyed during the post round interview with David Feherty, but I like to see a player that is humble and appreciative of where he is and what he has achieved; and you get that every time Steve Stricker wins. This marks the 8th consecutive start for Stricker that he has finished within Top 20 in an event. So far, I would say this has been another impressive season for Sticker with two wins already. I feel that he is due for the major championship that has avoided him during his career as he is too good and too consistent to not win a major within the next few season.

Congrats Steve! Keep up the great play!

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Tiger Woods leaves us all hanging on a thread...

As many of you may have heard by now, Tiger Woods will be making a special announcement tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM EDT. Kelly Tilghman will be representing The Golf Channel during this announcement. Since the news broke on this announcement, speculation has run rampant on what the announcement could be. Let's run down a few of the speculations and the odds that it could be true:

  1. Tiger is hanging it up for the season (3/1 odds)- Obviously, we all know Tiger has not been in full form for a while now. The Achilles and knee are still issues and quite frankly it doesn't seem to be healing as quickly as thought. This seems to be the most plausible of all speculations.
  2. Tiger is changing swing coaches (15/1 odds)- I don't think this is far fetched. Nothing against Sean Foley as he has plenty of great students on Tour, but Foley doesn't seem to be getting Tiger to where Tiger thought he should be. There was a lot of questions about this move once it happened and even after it took place. Now, I don't think you can completely pin all of this on Foley as a 100% healthy Tiger might have had a difference. I just can't see him calling a huge conference like this to announce something this to the public.
  3. Tiger is clearing the air about the Anthony Galea situation (5/1 odds)- As everyone knows Anthony Galea has plead guilty in case and with Tiger being one of Galea's top clients, one could only think that maybe there is more to the story of Galea-Woods that we aren't aware of. Tiger may be calling this presser to get some things out in the open before Galea can air the dirty laundry.
  4. Tiger could possibly be announcing his retirement (30/1 odds)- The only way, in my mind, that this happens is if the announcement is about Galea and the situation there is much worse than anyone could have thought. I think Tiger wouldn't retire right now based on injury unless his Achilles and knee are much worse than we could ever imagine. Either way, if he was to announce his retirement it would be tied to either the injury or more likely Galea. I think the big reason for this speculation is the fact that the announcement comes with a day notice and the fact that it must be something of major proportions to let everyone know a day ahead.
In all honesty, these are the only things that make any relevance. I can't foresee Tiger retiring, but there is part of me at this point that could see if happening. Over the past few years, Tiger has shocked us in many ways and his retirement would only add to that shock. I really think by Noon tomorrow we will have heard that Tiger is hanging it up for the rest of the season to rehab. Quite frankly, I hope I am right. I know Tiger isn't the fan favorite like he used to be due to his attitude, off the course issues and many other things; but he is still one of the greatest, if not the greatest golfer to ever play and I would hate to see him hang it up. I guess we will have to let the speculation run wild until 11 AM tomorrow.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adidas Fall/Winter '11 & '12 Shoe Line Up

I thought I would share this link with everyone...the great folks over at released these photos on their Facebook of the upcoming designs that Adidas Golf will be releasing this Fall/Winter.

Here is the link.....

As you can see Adidas is trying to jump on board the success that Ecco has had with their street shoe by releasing a similar model. Also, if you look through the pics you will that Adidas is releasing a Soccer style shoe with golf spikes...quite different in my opinion.

I am very happy to see more colors popping up in the Adidas closet. I have always been a fan of Adidas since the Tour 360's came out a few years ago.

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I'm Back!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

Long blog! I know my last posy has been a little under a year ago. I attempted to go out and write for another blog with a friend, but things just didn't pan out. I wanted to continue the site, but quite frankly...I have more followers and more hits here than we were getting on the other site. It's hard to leave the following I had on this site. Therefore I have decided to go back to my roots and start writing for my own blog again.

I am currently trying to figure out how I can give the site a little more spunk so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments section. I look forward to writing more thoughts and reviews for everyone to read. Keep your eyes peeled for updates over the next few days.

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