Monday, June 29, 2009

Back at it again....

Well, fellow golfers, I have guess I can say I have been on a hiatus for the past two months pretty much. I haven't made any entries into my blog since May 2nd so I figured since things had slowed down a slight bit I should maybe try to get back in the habit of blogging again.

So since we last spoke I have been coaching an 11-12 year old summer league baseball team. Baseball was my first true love and even though golf has since surpassed baseball it is very hard for me to give up the game I first played and fell in love plus working with the younger kids makes me feel young still (Not that I am old) and I enjoy teaching them the game and about life. We don't play all summer, but we started back in April and we finished our season two weeks ago. I had a decent team as we finished 3rd in our county out of 8 teams. I was proud of my group. This year I took a little different course after the season. Last year I decided to coach the tournament team which went on to state, but this year I decided to not put my name in the hat as the tournament team takes up so much time and I really would like to enjoy the summer with my wife and taking a vacation together for the last time without children in tow possibly.

Anyways, as you can imagine baseball didn't allow me much time to play golf. Well, I thought after the season that I would play a little more, but with things going on around the house and small little things to do it is hard to play much golf. Luckily, I went out and played today and shot my best round in a while. I have been going through some swing changes and they are starting to take form. My ball striking has improved greatly. The only issue I have is with my short game. Putting isn't a problem, but the short 10 to 50 yard shots are causing me grief. I shot a 79 today and it could have been so much better had my short game not let me down.

I wish I had some reviews for you or discussion on hot topics in the golf world, but those will soon be back. I just thought I would say that I am still out there and keep coming back as I will have more and more entries now that more time has been granted to me.

Hit 'em straight!